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Tournus, Hôtel Dieu - Musée Greuze
The Hospital & Greuze Museum bring together on the site of the town's former hospital, a hospital built between the 17th and 19th centuries and decommissioned in 1982, a hospital museum and the Greuze Museum, the Fine Arts Museum of the town of Tournus.

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The Greuze Museum holds the Hospital collections: objets d'art, religious items, medical items and those of the Greuze Museum: archeology, sculpture, painting, graphic arts and contemporary collections.

Further information
Knowledge base
To discover the national collections, you can access the databases of the Ministry of Culture :

Joconde database
Practical information
Hôtel-Dieu - Musée Greuze
21, rue de l'Hôpital

tel. : 03 85 51 23 50
fax : 03 85 51 36 57

e-mail :


Shop (bookshop, post cards, posters)
Access for the handicapped, lifts, parking within 50m
Library, auditorium (by appointment)


every day excluding Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm
from March to end October


Entrance fees

Prices being changed for 2009

Display special rates
Also at the museum

A medicinal plants garden
The Hospital - Greuze Museum also has a herb garden where some twenty local medicinal herbs grow, and for which there is confirmation of their use in the hospital.