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Beaune, Musée des Beaux-Arts
The garret

Hippolyte Michaud(Beaune, 1823 - id., 1896)
Salon of 1865
Oil on canvas
H 210 X W 300 cm
Acquired by the State in 1865, with donation to the museum in 1868
Restored in 1999
Beaune, Museum of Fine Arts

This salon was a true crowning point for the painter, whose work, in the original theme, was engraved and caricatured by Cham, another indication of success. It is interesting to note that at the same salon Manet exhibited his Olympia, a precursor of a movement that would break with the academic approach to which Michaud was still attached. It is the allegory of the life of the young painter, who handled the subject with an entirely romantic ardour.