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Beaune, Musée des Beaux-Arts
Bust of the Baroness de Joursanvault
  Pierre Paul Prudhon
(Cluny, 1758 - Paris, 1823)

Raw earth
H 34.6 X W 22.8 X D 19.7
Gift of Mr Fraisse, antique dealer, 1886
Beaune, Museum of Fine Arts

This very attractive bust, a work from Prudhon's youth, represents the wife of his patron, Baron de Joursanvault. The latter came originally from Beaune (1748-1792), was highly cultured and a patron of the arts with loyalty to the Masons. He was also a collector on a very large scale. His library is today preserved at the National Library and is made up of over 80,000 documents!