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   Ex-voto of a pair of eyes, bronze.

 Statue of the goddess Sequana, bronze.

 Part of two-sided, black flint tool.

 Statuette in terracotta (idol?).

 Bowl encrusted with pewter, terracotta

 Set of three wine flasks, bronze.

 Statue of a goddess of a spring (?), limestone.

 Bas-relief showing god with birds, limestone.

 Vase decorated with a hunt scene, ceramic.

 Funereal monument of a wine merchant, limestone.

 Sculpted tympanum with "The Last Supper", limestone.

 Part of a decorated box with historical scenes, ivory.

 Belt buckle decorated with an historical scene, bronze

 Bust of Christ crucified, limestone.

 Fragment of a statue-column with the head of St. Bénigne, limestone.



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Dijon, Musée archéologique
Set of three wine flasks, bronze.

Dating: Late Bronze Age (10th century B.C. ).
H: 8 cm.
Origin: Blanot (21), Jonchères donation.
Dijon Museum of Archaeology. © F. Perrodin.

These bronze vases, decorated by embossing, were part of a large collection of bronze and gold objects. It had all been placed in a ditch, for a purpose that is not clear.