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   Susanna and the Elders

 Young girl with jet necklace

 The wave

 Venus giving her weapons to Aeneas

 Naked man on the ground (for the Barberi horse race)

 Person seated, study of drapery (Plato for the "Death of Socrates")

 Banquet of the gods

 Lady's desk with double slope

 Poliphilus at the pool of the nymphs

 Mucius Scaevola and Porsenna

 Christ and the adulterous woman

 Putto singing

 Putto playing the viola

 The pleasures of winter

 Italian landscape



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Dijon, Musée Magnin
Susanna and the Elders
  Alessandro Allori (1535-1607)

16th century; oil on canvas; height 2.20 m; width 1.17m; copyright RMN; photo A. Berlin