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   Glass dish from Murano, Italy

 Calligraphy, Japan

 Exterior view of Museum

 Stallion statuette, Morocco

 Elephant, India

 Scene of palm trees at an oasis, Saudi Arabia

 Ivory statuette, Guinea

 Crown of headgear Ty Mara, Mali

 Statuette of god in gilded metal, Oceania (French Polynesia)

 Peacock in gilded metal, Cambodia

 Japan-Oceania room

 Reproduction of the helmet of Charles VI discovered during excavations by the Louvre.

 Drum in gilded bronze, Burkina Faso

 Bust of man in cast bronze, Cameroon

 Gold plated raft (reproduction), Colombia



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Château-Chinon, Musée du Septennat
Glass dish from Murano, Italy
  Italy: G-8 Summit Meeting, Venice, 8 June 1987.
Château-Chinon, Musée du Septennat