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   Detail of the masterpiece if the carpenters' guild of the city of Lyon

 Double staircase

 Masterpiece with staircase

 Masterpiece of Pierre-François Guillon

 Model "door and frame"

 Model "Staircase around a bottle"

 Model "five spikes with ridge work and tower"

 Pierre-François Guillon's guild cane

 Photo of the School of Technical Drawing, 1901-1902 promotion

 Photo of members of the Devoir de Liberté carpenters' guild at the Paris Universal Exhibition

 Working drawing, square pavilion
By: Pierre-François Guillon



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Romanèche-Thorins, Musée Départemental du Compagnonnage Pierre-François Guillon
Detail of the masterpiece if the carpenters' guild of the city of Lyon
  Artists: Pierre-François Guillon (1848-1923) and 6 colleagues.
Date:  1991
Dimensions: 5.20 m height
Romanèche-Thorins, Departmental Museum of Companion-Planting, Pierre-François Guillon

This work was done in Romanèche-Thorins between the years 1886 and 1891 according to the plans and under the guidance of Pierre-François Guillon, the Mâconnais and Child of Progress, together with:
Louis Morel, from Dauphiné, Reliability,
Charles Mayoux, of Angoumois, Support of Freedom,
Benôit Tourneau, of Tourangeau, Acacia Branch,
Henri Julien, of Angoumois, Prosperity,
Claude Ainé, from Bresse, Child of Genius.

This work won the First Prize at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900.