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Mâcon, Musée des Ursulines
Return of the rosary
  Guillaume Perrier
Mâcon, 1600 ? - Lyon, 1656
Oil on canvas
110 x 92 cm
Musée des Ursulines

This painting, which came to the museum in 1979 under the name Virgin and Saints, is a picture of returning the rosary to St. Dominique. From 1623 Guillaume Perrier worked in his native Mâcon. In 1644 he did a series of seven canvasses of the history of St. Vincent for the cathedral. These works are now in the collections of the Museum of the Ursulines.

This painting from 1636 was certainly done for the chapel of the convent of the Dominicans of Mâcon, which had just been rebuilt. The solid, pyramid construction and the delicate colouring point to the artist's maturity, fully part of the modernity of contemporary art. "