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 Portrait of Felix Ziem at the age of 82

 Resurrection of Christ

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 Virgin with child

 Susanna and the Elders

 Allegory of the water

 The garret

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 The repository

 Lucretia about to kill herself


 Frederick Barbarossa at Charlemagne's tomb

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Beaune, Musée des Beaux-Arts
The repository

Félix Ziem (Beaune, 1821 ? Paris, 1911)
Workshop stamp No. 85 on lower right
Circa 1870
Oil on wood
H 50.2 x L 83 cm
Gift of the artist's widow in 1912
Beaune, Museum of Fine Arts

Located on the right bank, the repository is on the Quai des Schiavoni or Slavonians. Ziem's interest in this site came from the presence of the Ponte Sepolcro with its steps and canopy, which obstruct part of the view, while the opening to the Grand Canal opens up this area in a blaze of blues between sky and water.