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   A-L-Des-Moulins-De-Lisle, terracotta

 Opera of Renaud and Armide, spun glass

 Vase marked OL. LUMBRICOR, faience

 Crucifixion, champlevé enamel

 Salad dish with bridge over Loire, faience

 Street corner in Nevers, watercolour sketch

 Panel in the Turkish style, faience

 The water carrier, faience

 Two horses yoked together, drawing

 Small temple to Bacchus, spun glass

 Scenes from the life of Christ, ivory

 Advertising poster "Le Chat Soap"

 Hercules or jealousy, engraving

 The capture of Constantine, painting

 Persian plate in green, faience



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Nevers, Musée de la Faïence Frédéric Blandin