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   Faience centrepiece for table

 Merovingian brooch

 Head of young girl

 St. Jerome

 Romain Rolland in old age

 Arrival of wood floated down the Yonne at Clamecy

 Plate from Revolutionary period, "A CA IRA"

 Angel in faience, 1634

 Sun god

 Christ on the Cross

 Medea the magician

 My garden in flower

 Portrait of the Marquis de Chenerilles

 Throwing wood into the Yonne

 Young girls placing garlands at the foot of a statue



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Clamecy, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Romain Rolland
Portrait of the Marquis de Chenerilles
  Roger de Piles (1635 - 1709)
Late 17th century or early 18th century

This oil on copper is today the only known work of Roger de Piles, an art theorist, born in Clamecy.
Romain Rolland Museum of Art and History,Clamecy.