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Dijon, Musée des Beaux-Arts
Il Museo delle Belle Arti di Digione è uno dei più antichi musei di Francia. Risulta essere uno dei più interessanti grazie alla ricchezza delle collezioni enciclopediche proposte, che vanno dall'arte egiziana al XX secolo, e all'interesse storico dell'edificio che le custodisce, il Palazzo dei duchi di Borgogna. Museo delle Belle Arti di Digione. Fotografia: François Jay.

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Principali collezioni

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The museum's collections range from Egyptian antiquities to 20th century art, with two strong points, works from the period of the museum's founding at the end of the 18th century, and 15th century Burgundy. Paintings are alongside sculpture, drawing and the decorative arts. They combine being both local and encyclopaedic, all with deep roots in the museum's history, which the acquisitions policy seeks to further develop.

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Base di conoscenza
Per scoprire le collezioni nazionali, potete accedere ai database del Ministero della Cultura:

Base"Joconde" (Gioconda)
Palais des Etats de Bourgogne
21000 Dijon

tel.: 03 80 74 52 09
fax: 03 80 74 53 44

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library and documentation - conference room - shop - partial access for the handicapped - toilets
• Open every day except Tuesday from 2 November to 30 April from 10am to 5pm (entrance through the Bar courtyard

• Contemporary art section (Granville gift), ducal kitchens and the Egyptian room closed from 11.30am till 1.45pm.

• Closed on 25 December and 1st January.

Diritti di ingresso
Access free to permanent collections every day for all.

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Inoltre, al museo

Library and documentation
The library of the Museum of Fine Arts holds about 18,000 volumes and has a specialist documentary collection about the history of art: catalogues of special exhibitions and of the permanent collections of museums in France and abroad, works on topics or on a single topic, dictionaries and bibliographical tools. It has subscriptions to around forty art reviews and receives the bulletins of museums in twenty different countries, as well as auction catalogues from Paris, London and New York.
In addition, the Kathleen Granville library offers a group of publications (5,000 titles) about 20th century art and especially about the artists represented in the gift.
The documentation makes available to the public the scientific files of the museum's works (descriptive sheets, bibliography, notices of catalogues, articles) and general documentation more especially about Burgundy (art and history).
The library and documentation department are open to the public on Thursdays between 1.45pm and 5.45pm.
Entrance: Museum curator's office, 1 Rue Rameau. Entry is free and research on site is open to everyone who can show they are involved in research.
On account of low attendance in the summer, the weekly opening of the museum's library and documentation centre on Thursday afternoons will be suspended from 17 July until 1st September. Instead, searches will be by appointment.
You can make an appointment by phoning 80 74 59 21 or 03 80 74 59 92 or by e-mail to
We thank you for your understanding.
  Graphic arts office
The museum's graphics arts room is part of the wings! The fragility of the items kept there explains why access to the public is limited.
Drawings of every sort, engravings, pastels, gouaches and miniatures fear both the light and being handled. That is why we keep them in a special place, under controlled conditions (special cabinets, cabinets with drawers etc).
They are not, however, inaccessible. Our graphic arts room, which holds about 10,500 drawings and 60,000 engravings, is in fact open to researchers (art historians, students) by appointment with the museum's curator.
New acquisitions regularly top up this extraordinary collection, where you will find side by side masterpieces related to the history of Burgundy: Poussin, Watteau, Greuze, Prud'hon, Claude Hoin, Dampt and Legros... While the French school is certainly the largest collection, the Flemish, Dutch and Italian schools are all well represented. This collection, which meets the museum's encyclopaedic calling, also recalls the importance of the Dijon School of Drawing, set up by François Devosge at the end of the 18th century, which was the origin of the museum and its graphic arts room today.
Open to researchers by appointment.
The bookshop of the Museum of Fine Arts has on sale a range of works and items related to the collections. An album of the museum was published by RMN in December 2002.
In the bookshop you will find books on the history of the museum and its collections, catalogues of the museum's collections and other major exhibitions, some works on the history of Burgundy and its heritage, on the leading artists represented in the museum, as well as reference works and on the history of art. There are also books to initiate children into the world of art.
As far as reproductions are concerned, you can buy post cards, posters, sets of stamps, reproductions of drawings as well as original engravings from the Chalcography of the Louvre.
Finally, many nice items let you give presents bearing the museum's logo: scarves, jewels, casts, playing cards, directly inspired by works from the collections.
The bookshop, located on the ground floor, is open every day from 10am to 6pm excluding Tuesdays.