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 Beaune, Musée E.J. Marey

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 Chalon-sur-Saône, Musée Nicéphore Niépce

 Ciry-le-Noble, la Briqueterie

 Dijon, Muséum - Jardin des sciences

 Ecuisses, Musée du canal

 La Machine, Musée de la Mine

 Le Creusot, Ecomusée de la Communauté Le Creusot Montceau

 Le Creusot, Musée de l'homme et de l'industrie

 Louhans, Atelier d'un journal


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Beaune, Musée E.J. Marey
The museum shows the work and life of Etienne-Jules Marey (Beaune, 1830 - Paris, 1904), a renowned physiologist, the inventor of chronophotography - the analysis of movement using photography - and of scientific cinema. Scientific and artistic works of the 20th century influenced by Marey.

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  Miscellaneous Science technical
Presentation of the works of Marey:
Graphic method, chronophotographs on fixed plates and moving films
Bronze sculptures
Collages, photographs and videos by artists and scientists who have been inspired by Marey's photos.

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To discover the national collections, you can access the databases of the Ministry of Culture :

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Practical information
Musée E.J Marey

Hôtel de ville

21200 BEAUNE

tel. : 03 80 24 56 92 et 03 80 24 56 92 (we)
fax : 03 80 24 56 20

Website : http://www.
e-mail :

Library - Picture Library, by appointment on
03 80 24 56 93

The Marey Museum has been closed since 2005 at the request of the management of the Museums of France.
A preventative conservation and restoration programme has been undertaken in this period. Opening the Museum at a new site that would allow it to display its collections in much larger areas and according to modern museum techniques is under consideration.
A selection of chronophotographs by Etienne-Jules Marey and of photographs-collages by Paolo Gioli can be seen at the Beaune Fine Arts Museum.
Works about Marey are on sale in the shop of the Beaune Fine Arts Museum.