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PARAY LE MONIAL. Musée eucharistique du Hiéron.
Closed during the 1990s and taken over by the town of Paray-le-Monial since 2001, the museum underwent a total renovation handled by the architects Catherine Frenak et Béatrice Jullien, which was completed in September 2005.

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  Fine arts History
The Hiéron Museum is multidisciplinary: a Fine Arts museum through its collection of 17th and 18th century paintings, a historical museum tracing two millennia of Christianity; an anthropological museum that links Man and religion.

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Knowledge base
To discover the national collections, you can access the databases of the Ministry of Culture :

Joconde database
Practical information
Adresse de visite : postale : Musée eucharistique du Hiéron
13 rue de la paix
71600 Paray le Monial
03 85 81 79 72

Nous écrire : Hôtel de Ville - BP 160
71604 Paray-le-Monial cedex

tel. : 03 85 81 79 72
fax : 03 85 81 47 06

Website :
e-mail :

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- access for the handicapped - lift - shop - multimedia room - educational workshops for young people - special children's route - explanations in 4 languages (French, English, German, Italian).
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 6pm. In July and August from 11am to 7pm.
Closed from 31 December - except for groups by appointment - until 21 March..

Entrance fees
4 euros full price 3 euros reduced price. Free for children up to the age of 16.

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Also at the museum

Discover the family with the family:
An activities booklet, entitled "Adventures for Kids" is available at the entrance. It helps children find out about the museum's collections in a playful and proactive way.

With the booklet: A sheet of stickers with animals to be stuck on during the tour and a sheet for the parents with stories to tell the children