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Châtillon-sur-Seine, Musée du Châtillonnais
Since 1950 the Philandrier House on the Rue du Bourg, opposite St. Nicholas church, has housed the rich collections of the museum of Chatillon, which had been founded in 1886. The building is the most handsome Renaissance mansion in the town.

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The museum of the Châtillon area has on display the largest bronze vase in the world, measuring 1.64m and weighing 208kg, a gold necklace (480g) and all the objects found in the tomb of a Celtic princess who had lived in Vix 2,500 years ago.

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To discover the national collections, you can access the databases of the Ministry of Culture :

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Musée du Châtillonnais Rue du Bourg 21400 Châtillon-sur-Seine

tel. : 03 80 91 24 67
fax : 03 80 91 51 76

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• from 1st January to 30 June: from 9.30am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 5pm. Closed on Tuesday.• from 1st July to 31 August: from 10am to 6pm every day. • from 1st September to 31 October: from 9.30am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 5pm. Closed on Tuesday.

From 31 October closed in the evenings..

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adults 4.50; children under 6 free; children 6 - 16 and students up to age of 25 2.50

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