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 Autun, Musée Rolin

 Auxerre, Musée-Abbaye Saint-Germain

 Avallon, Musée de l'Avallonnais

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 Cluny, Musée d'art et d'archéologie, Palais Jean de Bourbon

 Ecuisses, Musée du canal

 La Machine, Musée de la Mine

 Le Creusot, Ecomusée de la Communauté Le Creusot Montceau

 Le Creusot, Musée de l'homme et de l'industrie

 Romanèche-Thorins, Musée Départemental du Compagnonnage Pierre-François Guillon


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Avallon, Musée de l'Avallonnais
Founded in 1862 the museum was installed in the former 17th century college.
Known for its collections of mineralogy, paleontology and its rich archeological material, the Avallon Museum is changing in order to exhibit collections brought together by various the art lovers and artists who created it, and to accept new gifts.
In particular it offers the public works of the painter Georges Rouault, of the goldsmith Jean Després, and of the sculptor Pierre Vigoureux.

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It was generations of local scholars, collectors and donors, often heavily involved in politics on behalf of the Republic, who put together the Museum's collections. They came to together in a study society, the symbol of the curiosity, and the intellectual and economic vitality of Avallon, thereby facilitating the museum.
Through a wide range of works, including of their own making, such artists as the sculptors Loiseau-Bailly and Vigoureux and the goldsmith Després described the history of the Avallon region. It is also thanks to them that the Museum has some of the youthful works of Rouault, "Stella Matutina"; and "Stella Vespertina", which lead to obtaining the famous "Miserere"

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Practical information
Musée de l'Avallonnais 5 rue du Collège 89200 Avallon

tel. : 03 86 34 03 19

Website :
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Days open: every weekend, school holidays (all zones) and public holidays, and every day from 1st July to 30 September.
Hours: 2pm to 6pm
Weekly closure: Tuesdays.

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