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 Louhans, Atelier d'un journal

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 Saint-Martin-en-Bresse, La Maison de la forêt et du bois


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Pierre-de-Bresse, Ecomusée de la Bresse Bourguignonne
The Eco-Museum of Burgundian Bresse offers permanent exhibitions that describe, illustrate and explain the nature of the surroundings, its history, aspects of traditional life and the economic and social situation of Burgundian Bresse.

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Knowledge base
To discover the national collections, you can access the databases of the Ministry of Culture :

Joconde database
Practical information
Château départemental
71270 Pierre-de-Bresse

tel. : 03 85 76 27 16
fax : 03 85 72 84 33

Website :
e-mail :

lecture hall - multimedia equipment (audio guide, interactive terminal etc) - shop - documentation room - toilets drinks - concert hall - accomodation
Open every day from 10am to 12am and from 2pm to 6pm
(closed saturday et sunday morning from 1th october to 14 may
Annual closure: between Christmas and New Year's Day


Entrance fees
adults: 7 €
children : free

Display special rates
Also at the museum

Shop: sale of souvenirs, post cards, publications, regional products and more.
Putting up groups: lodgings in the outbuildings of the chateau for 20 - 31 people.